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The Action in Network is an Online Business Network and has launched what will be the largest leading educational social network of online business directories, Real Estate listings and classifieds listings across the US, Canada, Central and South America.

The Action In Network Online Business Networks’ core business is assisting business owners in reaching their local, regional, and national markets more effectively and cost efficiently by offering web based city directories (a basic ‘Yellow Pages’ model), and local marketing services in specific geographic areas effectively and efficiently, increasing their customer base, revenues, and profits.

In addition to the core business listing, each city site offers extensive banner advertising,  Real Estate Listings, Classifieds Listings, Action Daily Deals which simulates a Group on-like business Model, and 100’s of local business lead generation sites (doctors, dentists, plumbers, roofers etc) established in every city that will benefit from the traffic and increased ranking of the Action in Network.

We partner with our clients to take their businesses to the next level by offering a complete line of online-offline marketing services, additional advertising avenues, educational training in online marketing techniques, and online-offline marketing and promotional consulting.

The Action In Network Platform Provides the local business owner :

  • A low cost method of increasing their customer base,
  • Membership to a quality network of business owners
  • Business Referral Network
  • Access to Free Training and Consulting
  • Access to Quality Marketing Advice and resources

The Action in Network accomplishes the initial contact with business owners and consumers for that matter, establishing the groundwork for OMS provided services:

  • Establish and build trust,
  • Build long term relationships with each of our customers,
  • Become their partners and a major catalyst in each business owners success
  • Provide ongoing education in the arena of personal and business development and wealth building through online video, webinars, and seminars provided by our Wealth Mindset Institute division.
  • Provide Online Offline Marketing Strategies, consulting, and services.

The umbrella of these city modules is a smoking new business educational social network called “The Action Society” ( launching soon) offering Face Book and Linkedin like social networking features, free blogging, and thousands of hours of business video training offered by the Wealth Mindset Institute.

Additional Modules are on the drawing boards and will be rolled out depending on the market:  a dating site, a Job-recruiting module, Free Lance sites are on the drawing board.

To fuel the expansion of the Action in network in the US, we have entered into a joint venture with   Battlefield to Boardroom, 501(c)(3) Non Profit whose mission is to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for Veterans, those who have served our country, and the community by empowering them with Entrepreneurship training, support services, and other faith based values that enhance body, spirit and mind.

Battlefield To Boardroom will be hiring, training, and employing our returning veterans from war. The qualifying Veterans will take part in Battlefield to Boardroom’s executive management training program which will consist of self-paced online video training via the Wealth Mindset Institute, teleconferences, online webinars and seminars, live training, coaching, and on the job training.

In order to fund this project, we have assembled and donated value packed packages of education, products, and services to be used as incentives for business owners who support the Battlefield to Boardroom project with their donations and volunteer services. The packages provide business owners with the tools to take their business to the next level. Make sure you check out the value packed packages.

The Action In Network expansion to every major city in the US and Canada will happen in the 3rd and 4rth Quarters of 2014 and many cities are live already. (Proposed Implementation schedule below)

  •  Action in Panama is presently live and growing fast.
  • September 1st, 2015 Action in Florida Keys, Action in Miami, Action in Ft. Lauderdale, Action in Orlando, Action in Tampa, Action in Jacksonville, Action in Dallas – Ft worth, and Action in Atlanta went live.
  • Central America and South America will be rolled out in 3rd & 4rth Quarter of 2016.
  • The Action Society will be launched 2nd quarter of 2016

Our Wealth Mindset Institute Educational offerings will be rolled out in the 2nd quarter of 2016 offering 1,000’s of hours of video courses, presentations, webinars, and seminars covering the following business areas:

  • Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO
  • Online and offline Marketing concepts and strategies that work
  • Proper Goal Setting, Business Mindset, Persuasion Techniques (NLP)
  • Leadership, Building Teams, Management, Sales training & Customer Service
  • Asset Protection and Corporate Structure to maximize profits
  • and So, So Much More…….

Reach out and start a conversation 480-269-9446