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The Leading Educational Social Network
of Online Business Directories
Action In Network Media Kit

Local Business Directories should be the core of any Local SEO/SEM marketing strategy and utilizing those local business directories as part a new client lead generation strategy are an important and critical aspect of any businesses local and nationwide business growth.

Optimized Marketing Strategies LLC, (OMS) manages and operates the fastest growing Educational Social Network of Online Business Directories in the United States, Canada, Central and South America. We help successful businesses develop online lead generation and traffic strategies causing substantial increases in sales revenues and profits.

The Action In Network allows our customers to reach their local, regional, and national markets effectively and efficiently, increasing their customer base, revenues, and profits and provides the local business owner:

  • A low cost method of increasing their customer base,
  •  Membership to a quality network of business owners
  • Business Referral Network
  • Access to Free Training and Consulting
  • Access to Quality Marketing Advice and resources

The Action in Network accomplishes the initial contact with business owners and consumers for that matter, establishing the groundwork for OMS to:

  •  Establish and build trust,
  •  Build long term relationships with each of our customers,
  • Become their partners and a major catalyst in each business owners success
  • Provide ongoing education in the arena of personal and business development and wealth building through online video, web-inars, and seminars provided by our Wealth Mindset Institute division.
  • Provide Online Offline Marketing Strategies, consulting, and services.

In addition to the extensive business listings, each city site offers banner advertising,  Real Estate Listings, Classifieds Listings, Coupon Aggregation, Action Daily Deals which simulates a Group on-like business Model, and 100’s of local business lead generation sites (doctors, dentists, plumbers, roofers etc) established in every city that will benefit from the traffic and increased ranking of the Action in Network.

The umbrella of these city modules is a smoking new business educational social network called “The Action Society”  which will offer Face book like social networking features and will offer free blogging space, and access to an extensive business educational library through the Wealth Mindset Institute which offers thousands (1,000’s) of hours of Educational offerings consisting of  video courses, presentations, live and recorded webinars and seminars covering the following business areas:

  •  Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO
  •  Online and offline Marketing concepts and strategies that work
  • Proper Goal Setting, Business Mindset, Persuasion Techniques (NLP)
  • Leadership, Building Teams, Management, Sales training & Customer Service
  • Establishing proper sales funnels and CRM follow-up systems,
  • NLP practices and psychology of sales, Proper Goal setting and Value alignment,
  • Sales Training, Entrepreneurship, and business basics
  • Asset Protection and Corporate Structure to maximize profits
  • and So, So Much More…….

Marketing Rights Acquisitions and Business Priorities As stated above we are in the process of launching this leading educational social network of online business directories across the US, Canada, Central and South America. To fuel the expansion of the Action in network in the US, we are promoting the “Battlefield to Boardroom” project where we will build and expand the Action in Network by hiring, training, and employing our returning veterans from war.

To fund the Battlefield to Boardroom project, we have assembled value packed packages of education, products, and services rewarding you the business owner with tools to take your business to the next level in return for your participation.

In the other tabs above are the standard launch list prices for the Network in Action Advertising space for each each city site.

To take advantage of Battlefield to Boardroom special pricing and help us employ, train, and hire our returning veterans of war,  call our offices at 480-269-9446 or ask your sales consultant for offered participation levels or visit us at

Business Listings

Premier Business Listing

business-listingHTML Enabled Packages

Html must be provided by client according to the following specs:

  • HTML should be in Word Press post format 700 width and maximum 1500 in Height and must be approved
  • Images and Videos need to be hosted externally
  • Multiple videos may be used but must be hosted externally
  • No Javascript
  • CSS must be inline – No External CSS
  • Only 1 No-Follow external link is allowed and open in new window
  • Capture pages must use external Thank you page that opens in new window
  • No iframes allowed
  • ad Client is entitled to 1 HTML embedded install a year for free
  • If submitted incorrectly and it takes us more than three iterations of corrections, there will be $100 fee
  • Additional HTML replacements are $100 each time
  • Minor changes will be done for free depending on work lo·

30 minute Marketing Consulting  Available at $75 and will be applied against implementation costs

Custom Capture Page Design and Coding  $400

Custom Viral applications available to integrate your page on action in and a FB viral application – to take full advantage of the exposure

Power Listings


Premier Classified Listings

classifiedsReal Estate And Classified
Listings Package Pricing

The Action In Network offers business owners bulk advertising space at extremely reduced prices for those companies that advertise in the Real Estate and Classifieds sections heavily.

A Gold Ad would normally cost you $25 every 60 days or $150 per year for 1 ad space as specified in the per ad cost.  Your cost is the Package Cost per year.

Package Per Ad Cost/yr Package Cost/Yr Savings A Year
5 Ad Pack $750 $349 $401
10 Ad Pack $1,500 $599 $901
20 Ad Pack $3,000 $999
25 Ad Pack $3,750 $1,099 $2,651
50 Ad Pack $7,500 $1,499 $6,001
100 Ad Pack $15,000 $2,499 $12,501
Unlimited Ads No Limit $2,999 Unlimited
  • Each pack considers one advertising spot for a full year.
  • Each ad can be changed as many times as you want
  • You must maintain the listing
  • The space cannot be resold
  • Ads can only be used by one company, unless prior approval is obtained

 Additional cities – 50% off

  • 5 city pack — additional cities 25% off per city
  • 10 city pack — additional cities 50% off per city
  • 20 city pack — additional cities 65% off per city
  • 25 city pack — additional cities 80% off per city

Multiple Ad Pack Strategies

We strongly suggest that you take 10-20% of your listings and make them static – with properties that have mass appeal and are the most popular to generate ongoing leads. These ads should never change.

The purpose of these ads are to get them to page 1 of Google and keep them there to generate a steady flood of phone calls —

Real Estate

Premier Real Estate Listings


 Premium Front Page

Business Section Front Page
Premium  Advertising Banner Space

front page top

Business Front Page Premium Ad Space

Business Front Page Premium Ad Space

Premium Front Box List Pricing

There are 20 premium Locations – Each location rotates between 5 Business Listings – So Your ad will appear once for every 5 visitors. Each Location when clicked will take the visitor to their Business Listing.

  • Monthly Billing includes “Gold Yearly Package
  • Quarter/Yearly billing includes “Platinum SEO Quarterly Package
Location Billed Monthly  Billed Quarterly Billed Yearly




















 Multiple City Packages Are Available:

  •  5 City Package: 40% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually
  •  10 City Package 50% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually
  • 20 City Package 60% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually

Reserving Space in Pre-launch Cities:

  • Billed Immediately – Listing Starts from day of official Launch
  •  Price Locked in as long as you remain a customer
  • 1 City Package: 50% OFF Listing Price per City – Billed Bi-Annually
  • 5 City Package: 60% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually
  • 10 City Package 70% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually
  • 20 City Package 75% OFF Listing price per City – Billed Bi-Annually