Would You Like to Run Your
Own Exciting Media Business?

Well, Now You Can!!

Action in has an exciting licensing program that helps enterprising individuals to be their own boss running their own successful media business in designated cities in the US, Canada, Central and South America.

We are committed to becoming the largest business directory, Classifieds, Real estate, and educational Social network in the world, with over 50 US and Canadian city directories scheduled to go online by 2nd Qtr 2015. 30 central and South American cities scheduled to go online by 2nd Qtr 2016.

We are fueling our expansion by Training, hiring, and employing our Returning Veterans of War and those who are committed to the same cause, through our “Battlefield to Boardroom” Project. Top Producers will also have the option of becoming the owner of one of our city operations.

To fuel the funding of this phenomenal project, we have assembled value packed packages of products and services that will assist you the business owner, taking your business to the next level while you are rewarded with 3-10 times the value of your participation.

Your participation helps hire, train, and employ Veterans. We then provide you with value packed packages that will take your business to the next level,

and the Action In Network builds the company utilizing the best employees available. The Veteran Benefits, You Benefit, and The Action Network benefits and provides even more opportunity for Veterans.

That is Win-Win, if you ask me.

To find out more about our business model and how you can become part of the team or support are veterans, just call Mark at 480-269-9446

The Action In Network Business Model

The Action In Networks’ core business is assisting business owners in reaching their local, regional, and national markets more effectively and cost efficiently by offering web based city directories (a basic ‘Yellow Pages’ model), and local marketing services in specific geographic areas.

We partner with our clients to take their businesses to the next level by offering a complete line of online-offline marketing services, additional advertising avenues, educational training in online marketing techniques, and online-offline marketing and promotional consulting.

Your Revenues and profits will come from eleven (10) main income streams :

1.   Business Listing Sales and Sales Over-rides – Unlimited possibility

2.   Front Page Ad Spots – 100 spots leasing for $750-$3500 per month depending on traffic and positioning

3.   Banner leasing – Unlimited Banners $500-$2500 per month depending on traffic and positioning

4.   Classified Listings and Listings Packages – Unlimited

5.   Real Estate Listings and Listings Packages – Unlimited

6.   Action Daily Deals Revenues

7.   65-100 Local business lead generation pages – rent for $300-$750/month

8.   Profit Sharing of The Action Society revenues based on Local Sales Volumes

a.   CPA revenues from banner ads

b.   Pro-Sites Blogging Upgrades

c.   Advertising Revenues

d.   Online-Offline Training Revenues

9.   Up sells of Online-Offline Marketing Services – Income unlimited

A.  Many more on the drawing board, including a dating site, a Job search platform, Freelance platform.

 Many of these services can be purchased online without your assistance

Action In Network has designed it’s products and supporting infrastructure to be comprehensive, scalable, and robust so that it is readily able to provide similar services to a large number of other potential regional markets worldwide.

Every regional market is chosen to provide the ideal balance between being so small that it would not have enough consumers to be of interest to advertisers, and being so large that it would have no meaning to local businesses or consumers.

The core of what we do is based on a local media model and each Action in business is tailored to its local market and operates as an independent entity but with the synergy of the worldwide network.

Being part of a world-wide network gives you many additional advantages to you and your local business clients. Name recognition and National exposure being two of those advantages.

Having a central office that takes care of the Technical and Accounting side of the business, allows you to focus your resources and expertise where it matters most – Sales and Marketing.

Why Does It Work?

The Action In Network’s core principles are rooted in tried and tested media values...

 There is a proven and tightly defined culture and methodology – All information on your site is not only easy to access, but is accurate, complies with local law and is relevant and useful

Action in strikes a perfect balance between commercial value and community service

  • By caring deeply about our consumers – the users of the site – you are able to build an extremely loyal membership, which is very attractive to your customers
  • Advertising on the Action In Network sends real business to our customers and provides unbelievable value. All you have to do is to compare what we offer compared to the major competitors.
  • The workload and costs involved are reasonable and more than justified by the sustainable business model
  • We are not just a business directory we are their business partners.

Having a supportive and experienced team behind you 100% gives you the confidence and peace of mind to support your success.

What Are The Benefits?

The Action In Network will provide everything you need to establish a growing and profitable business…

You will have the benefit of the major investments we have made in our technology and methodology over the past four years

  • Additional support services and products are being added all the time.
  • You are building a business in a market (online community and directory advertising) that is growing fast and where you will have a unique offering
  • You are building a business with a reliable, recurring cash flow that has genuine long-term value
  • You will have the rights to sell your business in the future and realize that accumulated value
  • You have the flexibility to live and work where you choose and to manage the business around your family and other commitments
  • You will become a key member of your community and will have immense pride in what you do


What Do You Need To Do?

Responsibilities are clearly-defined and minimal technology skills are required but I must state, the more technological savvy you are, the easier and more productive you will be. You do not need to be an internet guru, but knowing your way around a computer and web properties would certainly be beneficial to your success.

Managing an Action in site is straightforward with simple interfaces and well-defined processes. Central and international tasks are handled directly by the Action In Network support and technology team, leaving the licensee fre

  • Build and maintain listings in your city Action in site – the source of the majority of your advertising revenue
  • Manage the user-generated content (Discussions, Classifieds and Blogs)
  • Keep the various local editorial sections up-to-date.
  • Promote the business in your region – by working with and supporting local clubs and associations, and other local media
  • Let’s not forget the most important part – Sales!  Your revenue will be directly linked to the effort you put into the sales process. You will generate a growing monthly revenue from a solid base of long-term customers which will be increasing all of the time providing you invest the time and energy to make that happen.
  • You will also profit from additional revenue banner space, action daily deals, classifieds listings, real estate listings, and the up sells of Online – Offline marketing services and don’t forget the annual renewals that will compound year after year.
  • You will not need to worry about complex accounting and other “corporate” issues. Action in takes care of that as much as possible and provides you with an interface to manage your products and customers.
  • Your sales revenue will be submitted to you on a monthly basis.

The Licensing Process

We offer different Licensing options. The right choice depends on your personal situation.

1)   Chose a city to be part of the network – and we will develop and implement the site.

a.   Two months development time from start to launch

b.   While site is being developed, You can market your new business and pre-sell advertising so that you launch successfully.

2)   Chose one of our existing sites that are already developed

a.   We have over 50 sites ready to launch and available within two weeks

b.   You have an active business from day one with everything up and running  and ready to go.

c.   A great opportunity to start making money immediately. If you are ready to start your operation in one of our scheduled regions

Initial Licensee Training

Our interests are fully aligned, we have a vested interest – Licensee’s success equals The Action In Network’s success…

The Action In Network prides itself on the quality of its developing in-house training program and ongoing training and support. The initial licensee training is delivered remotely via tele-conferencing and is organized and run by experienced Action in Network management, support, technologists, and in-house trainers.

The training is focused and structured with the purpose of enabling our licensed operators to learn all the essential skills required to make their Action in business a success.

All Licensed operators will be supplied with access to our operations manual to which they can refer to after the initial training, not to mention help and support is just a call away.

Topics covered in the initial Licensee training include the following:

  • What is an Action in Network Media Business
  • The Media Industry
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology & Tools
  •  Managing Editorial Content
  • Business Planning & Management
  • Ongoing Weekly training on marketing Online marketing services

To ensure our training program is effective yet stimulating, the content is delivered through a structured set of remote training sessions, building your knowledge as and when you need it.

As you should be aware, the bulk of your training will be in the field, applying what you learn in training, discussing with your trainer, evaluating the results, adjusting your approach and presentation to your personality to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Initial Licensee Training

The financial success of any licensee, is mostly dependent on the Licensee themselves and the amount of effort put forward. Sales and marketing is a numbers game. The more contacts you make, the more sales you make. It is quite a simple formula. The sooner you contact potential customers and start the process, the sooner you will start to generate revenues.

The fixed costs of the business are low and, in most cases, you will initially begin working from a home office. As revenues increase and you start building an in house team, you will evolve into a sales office environment over time.

Action In Network city operations have huge potential and are really only limited by the licensees efforts and vision. We cannot Guarantee your success or your revenues, but the potential is unlimited. The dollar revenue potential when fully matured ranges from $500,000 – $2 million per year for a small area, and between  $1 million and $4 million per year for a major urban region.

In an advertising-based business such as the Action in Network, the rate of revenue growth will be directly linked to the quality and quantity of sales resources applied to the business.

We expect one full-time salesperson to increase the net customer base by around twenty new customers per month and to up sell between 1 – 5 existing customers per month.

Depending on geography and resources, it makes perfect sense to build a qualified team of sales reps. The Action in Network is developing a sophisticated  customer relations management (CRM) system to support both face-to-face and telephone-based sales and will be made available to licensees on a small per seat cost.

The Action in Networks business is based on delivering value for customers and, providing the right product is sold to the right customer, most customers renew again and again. Which means your income and business value grows year after year, as the renewals have very little marketing expenses accredited to the sales and thus are pure profit year after year.


The Action In initial licensing fees vary depending on the size and location of the licensed region, range between $29,999 and $49,999.

You will also need some working capital to tide you over as you build your revenue streams. Double your Licensing fee is recommended. The actual amount needed will vary depending on circumstances and abilities.

Financing may be available for qualified parties and production is one of those main qualifications. The main factors that are weighed to determine qualification are based on your skill-sets, your abilities, your financial backing, and our objective evaluation on the odds of your success.

If you are a US Veteran, we offer startup assistance based on sales revenue generated from the Action in Network’s “Battlefield to Boardroom Project”. This project is especially formulated to assist our hero’s returning from war.  If you qualify, our program will cover  the majority of the costs to place you into an agency agreement and train you, so do not hesitate to apply.

The Next Step

If you are ready to change your life and run your own Action in Network Operation, submit an enquiry and one of our specialists will contact you.

How It Works

You are in charge of the day to day management of the operation:

  • Building and managing your sales teams,
  • Assisting Clients and entering their listings
  • Adding editorial content and Company reviews,
  • Generating local promotions and marketing efforts in coordination with corporate marketing efforts.
  • Assisting your sales force in generating Marketing Services Up sells

Corporate headquarters takes care of:

  •  Technical End
  •  Research and Development of new technology
  •  Training and Support
  •  Maintaining Educational Training Platform
  • Manage and Run Customer webinars
  • Handle General Site SEO Efforts
  • Assist in offering special services for Center of Influence Clients
  • Handle Periodic Email Marketing Blasts
  • Handle Media Advertising buys
  • Handle all technical parts of up-sells and client communication

Key Features:

  •  Positive Cash Flow is possible from Day 1
  • You keep 50% of Net Agency Profits – Net Agency Profits are Split 50/50 calculated as follows: ‘
  • Total Sales Revenue – (commissions + overides) = Total Agency Profits – ( Technical and Corporate Marketing Contribution of 10% of Net Agency profits for a maximum of $5,000 per month),  Total Agency Profits * 90% = Net Agency Profits

The following rules apply to commission structures on normal sales –    “Battlefield to Boardroom” packages have slightly different parameters.

  •  65% of business listing revenues can be allocated to commissions including the licensee’s.
  • 75% of the revenue of the 1st month banner sale can be allocated to commissions and 30% of ongoing banner revenue.
  • Marketing Services Up Sells and Action Daily Deals will have 60% of setup fees and 25% of ongoing revenue allocated to Licensee as commissions.
  • 10% of Net Revenue with a cap of $5,000 a month will be allocated to Action in to help offset the cost of future development ongoing Technical Support, traffic generation, national advertising, and media buys.

We also pool 50% of profits generated by the rest of the system not specifically accredited to a specific operation. Those pooled revenues are split between active licensed operations as a percentage of your total revenue generated each quarter.

  • You benefit from the support and being a part of a worldwide network
  • Only basic PC and Internet knowledge required – No need to be an IT expert, but you do need the ability and the drive to learn the conceptual knowledge of proper Online – Offline Marketing strategy.
  • You have your own business and you are part of a successful worldwide network
  •  You are offered a two year contract initially with the right of renewal for 5 year contracts thereafter and are renewed automatically as long as production quotas are met.
  • Every day you are accumulating equity in a valuable business venture.

 Next Step:

If you have done your research and are ready to find out more about becoming part of the Action In family, what’s next:

  •  You sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • We handle your more detailed questions both in writing and over the phone
  • We supply you draft copies of the licensing agreement, a disclosure agreement, and a copy of our Action in Manual (in development)
  • You have the opportunity to speak to any existing Licensed agents to get their perspective

Being an Action In Network Licensee is an exciting prospect – being your own boss and running your own business. Why not take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.